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Meet Vivian

When the Kennedy Airport and airfreight expansion threatened her community in Jamaica, Queens, Vivian E. Cook spoke out for residents to make sure their voices were heard. This activism propelled her to become the first women and person of color to be elected to the State Assembly in district 32.

Having represented the 32 District for over 30 years, Assemblywoman Cook has helped to build recreational and park space, improve access to medical care for seniors, and funded numerous upgrades to Rochdale Village to make sure it can be a place families can afford to live in now and in the future.


Keeping Our Communities

and Streets Safe

Vivian E. Cook takes safety seriously, sponsoring bills that: direct police officers to immediately notify parents and caregivers when they arrest youths, prohibits disclosure of immigration status for victims of domestic violence, establishes the state taskforce on campus safety, and reviews security measures at MTA transportation facilities.


JUNE 15-23, 2024



JUNE 25, 2024

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