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  Vivian Cook  
Tackling the big issues 

As the first woman and the first person of color to be elected to the 32nd Assembly District, Vivian E. Cook has been a relentless champion of the people for more than 30 years, bringing resources to a community that was under-represented and under-resourced. She has worked to deliver an unprecedented number of resources to build schools, parks, and infrastructure and sponsored hundreds of pieces of legislations.

Cook gets it done

So many of my constituents cannot pay high rent increases or are grappling with the lack of available housing. Our 2024-2025 budget includes many affordable housing plans including tax exemptions for building affordable housing and accessory dwelling units.

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expanding access to quality healthcare

Our budget funds mental health, substance abuse programs, in-home care services for aging adults, expanded access to primary care, Medicaid investments, and financially distressed
hospitals. We also eliminated cost-sharing for covered insulin in state-regulated insurance plans.

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I’ve been on the frontline to make quality education attainable. We passed a 2024-25 budget that includes an increase in school aid totaling $35.9 billion. We included an increase in the
Tuition Assistance Program awards for college students from $500 to $1,000/student, and more.

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rising cost of living

The rising cost of living affects us all. Our 2024-25 budget brings needed relief for families. It includes funding for child tax credits, hunger prevention, eviction prevention legal services, covering more students with free school meals, and more.

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public safety

I have taken action throughout the years to address crime including enacting groundbreaking public safety and gun control laws, securing funds for gang violence initiatives, securing funds to
aid domestic violence survivors, and more.

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Shelter is a basic need. One reason for homelessness is the high cost of housing. Many are 1 missed payment away from being homeless. We passed a 2024-25 budget that includes increased tenant protection and $500K to support homeless vets.

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JUNE 15-23, 2024



JUNE 25, 2024

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